I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. I know exactly what you're thinking - that sounds sooo cliche, but in complete honesty, I can't remember myself not being fascinated by a camera and it's ability to freeze time and all the emotions from that moment with it. I started taking photos with my phone of friends and family when I was younger and eventually got a "real" camera. Fast forward a few years, and I upgraded to my current camera.... and I still get that adrenaline rush every time I snap a photo. I admire small details that make the moment more memorable, such as the lace on a wedding dress, the placement cards you spent so long putting together, the tassel on a grad cap, or the twinkle in your toddlers eyes when they're excited. It is my job (and passion) to focus in on all these "tiny" details that hold so much power in making these moments so precious.

You may be wondering, why her? (As you should be!) When searching for the right photographer to capture the details and emotions of the events that will be a part of your most cherished memories, especially your wedding day, you will be considering many factors. I am here to listen and focus in on all your requests and make sure they are captured. It is my mission to take photos of all details to ensure they are remembered forever.

Aside from photography, I am the mommy to a 3-year-old little princess! She lights up my world with her sweet little smile. I am a Disney enthusiast, and have passed my love for Disney Magic to my daughter! We love to spend our time together watching Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast is our fave!), and play outside! I love to craft and make everything sparkle!! I have two dogs, Chico and Peanut, two cats, Greyson and Kora, and lots (and lots) of fish! I love spending time with my besties, whether its a beach trip, or a night in! When I'm chilling on my couch, I am most likely editing photos or watching videos to learn new photo techniques! Before becoming a photographer I worked with children. I am a certified birth- second grade teacher. I have worked in learning centers, preschools, and with special needs children! I miss seeing their faces everyday, but I have taken my love for children and families to my new job and love every second of it!